Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cody and Kelli's Wedding Weekend

I'm playing "catch up" with our blog:).  Here are a few pictures I snapped with my camera of Cody and Kelli's wedding weekend, October 24th.

The red maple leaves were gorgeous that weekend!

Mom and Cody at the rehearsal dinner.

Cody with Groomsmen:  (L to R)  Jeremiah, Cody, Josh, Nathan
 Mama and two of her best friends, Kathy and Ramona.  They were so kind by helping with the food and drinks at the rehearsal dinner!
 The soon-to-be bride and groom!

 Caleb and my Daddy!
 The guests.
Wedding Day!:)

1959 (I think) Chevy Impala.  Caleb was Cody and Kelli's chauffeur.  He loved it!

 Bride and Groom's first dance.

 Groom's cake.  Fitting for a soon-to-be mechanical engineer, huh?

 Father/daughter dance!

We had a great weekend and were glad to be able to celebrate it with Cody, Kelli and family.  Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Cody Bollinger!  We love you!

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