Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Surprise Getaway with Caleb!

This past weekend, Caleb planned a surprise trip for us!  We really enjoyed some time for just the two of us! 
We drove to downtown Atlanta (and stopped at The Olive Garden on the way---DELICIOUS!) for the 1-1-Six concert (I know some of you are Lecrae fans!) at the Depot.  Since we got there early, we hung out at GA State and then went to Underground to browse.

Inside the Depot waiting for the concert to begin.

Random candid of Caleb during the concert.

Caleb arranged for us to spend the night with his parents.  We had a fun time seeing them and relaxing.  Alice cooked a delicious breakfast for us, too!   On Saturday, we headed back and stopped at the GA National Fair in Perry.  We had a fun time strolling, enjoying the food and music, and seeing the animals.

Enjoying the "lakeside" view as we ate our snack!

The horses were BEAUTIFUL,  and Caleb wants a Clydesdale.  I think it would be a nice addition to the farm I would like to have one day!  

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